We inform you that our company will be closed for holidays from 04/12/2019 to 04/22/2019.

During this period, our website remains open and you can of course place your orders. They will be treated by order seized from Tuesday April 23rd.
We remind you that, as usual, you won't be debitted until we ship your order. For exemple if you place an order July 30th, you will not be charged before August 13th.

We advise you to place your orders without waiting, for the 2 following reasons :
- Our stock is updated online and in real time. So if you order a piece mentioned  In stock ! , it is reserved for you instantly. That is why an article available one day suddenly may not be tomorrow.
- You are not charged to your purchase as long as we do not ship (unless you choose to pay by wire transfer). So if you order now, you do not advance a penny as we do not deliver.

Thank you for your understanding.

La gérance